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We are a full-service pet spa grooming salon, with a focus on using high quality, luxury pet products. 
When you drop your pet off, every pet will receive our all inclusive bathing service with leading edge, naturally inspired shampoos and conditioners. We focus on total skin and coat care, to ensure your pets health is rejuvenated skin deep. 
The bathing service includes clipping and filing the nails, cleaning the ears with an all natural soothing ear cleaner, and we will also express your dogs anal glands- if needed.  If your pet requires a full haircut, our expert staff is equipped to handle most haircut styles and patterns. If your pet does not require a full haircut, a bath and brush, or bath and trim service is also available. 
For pets that do not require haircuts, we include with our bath service, a full "de-shed" service to help lessen the amount of loose hair found around the home. 
We are very proud to also offer cat grooming as well! 

Our focus truly is every detail from nose to tail. 

With our spa like atmosphere, we work to make sure every pet is comfortable and at ease when they are here. We are proud to offer cage free grooming, with the option for free-play with dogs that are comfortable with it. 
For our more anxious pets we do have relaxing pens to ensure every pet and owner feels safe and secure.

We also offer several walk-in services that are available Monday thru Friday, 8:00AM - 3:30PM. Those al a carte walk-in services include; 

Nail Trims for both dogs and cats, starting at $15 for small dogs, and $20 for cats. Nail Polish starting at $20 for small dogs. And Anal Gland Expression for $15. 

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